2021 IRS-1040 Tax Return Deadlines

2021 tax return deadlines

Tax Return Deadlines

Tax Return Deadlines (for 2021 Returns)

Tax Day DateType of Income Tax ReturnFiling Deadline/Due Date Description
April 18, 2022Federal Tax ReturnTax Day for Tax Year 2021 – Filing deadline and due date for Federal Income Tax Returns. (or deadline to file extension!)
April 18, 2022Federal Tax ExtensionDue date for Tax Extensions for 2021 Federal Income Tax Returns.
October 15, 2022Federal Tax ReturnLast day to efile a 2021 Federal Income Tax Return for Tax Extension filers. (Tax extension must have been previously filed!)
April 15, 2023Tax AmendmentYou can file an Amended Return to pay taxes due anytime, but you generally have a deadline of 3 years from the original due date to claim a tax refund.
No DeadlinePrevious Year Tax ReturnsYou can file a Tax Return for a previous tax year anytime, but you can only claim a refund within 3 years of the original tax deadline.

Other Tax Deadlines:

February 1st: 1099’s due to recipients 1099’s due to IRS
March 1st: 1st Quarter Ends
March 31st: 1st Quarter 2022 ES payment due
April 18th: 2021 Form 1040 Taxes due (or need to be extended)
April 18th: 2nd Quarter 2022 ES payment due
June 15th: 2nd Quarter Ends
June 30th: 2nd Quarter payroll taxes due
July 31st: 3rd Quarter ES payment due
September 15th: 2021 Form 1065 (partnership return) (previously extended)
2021 Form 1120S due (S Corporation Returns) (previously extended) September 30th: 3rd Quarter Ends
October 15th: 1040’s due (previously extended)
2021 Form 1120 (Corporate return) (previously extended) 3rd Quarter October 31st: Payroll Taxes Due
December 31st: 4th Quarter Ends
January 15, 2023: 4th Quarter ES Payments due
January 31st, 2023: 4th Quarter payroll taxes due

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